A world where more people find adventure, healing, and faith.

One Outdoors provides a trusted place to purchase outdoor experiences, gear, and services. We aim to positively impact people and the environment by donating 10% of the net profits to Restoration Outdoors nonprofit, which in turn invests in mental health and conservation.

Why do we do it?

Connecting the dots

In the last 10 years the overall mental health of the United States, and some may say the world, has declined. Statistically speaking, suicide rates are way up, obesity is rising from an already bad place, pastors are getting burnt out faster than ever, and kids are being told too many things at once with access to infinite loads of information. While we would never say One Outdoors is the solution to all of these things, it was the simple realization that playing a positive role amidst the chaos is enough fuel for us to want to make a difference. We provide resources for the adventures, and run the nonprofit to make as big of an impact as possible.

Our story

The Beginning

Meet the founder, Jake Collier

At five years old, Jake was mentored by his next-door neighbor who taught him how to tie a fishing knot. Since that day, he’s learned the great outdoors is a healthy space for people to challenge themselves, have fun, grow, and heal, as he has used it for all of those things himself.  After about 30 years of life’s experiences, he realized it was time to fulfill a calling and lifelong dream to start an outdoors company and reciprocate what was once given to him, a connection to the outdoors, shown through love and compassion. While people from all walks of life have inspired and shaped Jake’s values, it is Jesus Christ who he follows and builds the foundation of One Outdoors and Restoration Outdoors upon.

Our Goals

Whether you’re shopping for products, services, or donating to our nonprofit projects directly, our goal is that you have a trust worthy resource for everything outdoors. Let’s keep the wild places wild and allow people to experience the “good old days” right now. We want you to walk away impacted positively not only by the quality products and services you invest in, but by building quality relationships with the people on our team and making an impact in the process.

Together, we are One Outdoors.

Meet The Team

Jake Collier
Founder, CEO

Founder of One Outdoors, Jake's vision is to help as many people as possible with mental health and contribute to the conservation of wild spaces.

Jordan Stambaugh
Head of Digital Marketing

Jordan is an eagle scout, artist, BA in Design from WWU, photographer, web designer, and outdoor enthusiast.

Jake Williams
Content Writer

Raised in Alaska and around wild life and guiding his whole life, Jake brings a unique perspective from out in the field to pen and paper.

Gerard Masih
Wild Game Chef

Wild game chef, content creator, and non-profit development for Restoration Outdoors.

Kaiden VanDalen
Business Development

Guide and long time outdoorsman and loves to introduce first time hunters to the outdoors.

Cameron Lenz
Country Music Artist

Based out of Nashville TN, Cam loves rock and roll and putting on a show.

Lauren Collier

Washington State born and raised, go Cougs!

Sanford Valentine
Corporate Bookings

Based out of Texas, Sanford brings a wealth of business expertise to the table in all things people and experiences.