Suskeena Lodge, BC, Canada

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Suskeena Lodge is located on the Sustut River in Northern British Columbia. The lodge itself is accessed by a private air charter from the town of Smithers. It is on the Sustut River in Northern British Columbia, and is relatively unknown except among a core group of fanatics that fish B.C. every year on the prowl for that giant Steelhead. The Sustut has the largest average steelhead found in any river in the Skeena watershed. If you want to increase your odds for 30 pound steelhead, be in a wilderness setting, and fish crystal-clear water...the Sustut is your place.  September is a magical time as the leaves are changing, weather is moderate and dry fly fishing for steelhead can be off the charts.  By October the nights are cold and the days sunny.


The cabins are some of the nicest cabins in British Columbia fishing camps. They are based on double occupancy.  The cabins are warm and well furnished.  Each includes a stove, a sitting area and attached bathroom with a shower, and flushing toilet. In addition to the bathrooms in each cabin, there is an additional bath house with three showers in the event that you and your bunk mate seem to need to shower simultaneously. The main lodge building is a charming and welcoming custom built free-standing log building. There is ample room to relax for drinks after fishing, enjoy great meals or read by the fire place. With space limited to 8 or 9 anglers, the atmosphere is just right. After a 7:00 hearty breakfast, clients depart for their day on the river. Lunch is prepared by the guide and served stream side. A nice warm meal will await you upon your return to the Lodge.


The Sustut has the largest average steelhead of any river in the Skeena watershed. If you want to crack the magic 30 pound mark for steelhead you had better be focused on the Skeena tributaries. The Babine River, Kispiox River or the Sustut River are the only rivers where catching that “Giant” is possible. In addition, the Sustut and Skeena have healthy runs of chinook, coho and sockeye salmon as well as steelhead.  In early August the chinook fishing can be incredible. The season runs from the third week of August until approximately November 1 each year.  The second half of the season is slightly better for numbers often found in low clear water water. The steelhead average 14 pounds and often reach well into the high twenties. There are 30-35 pound fish landed yearly. Consequently, we recommend you come prepared. Steelhead are great, aggressive fish, catchable for an angler of any skill level. You don’t need to be able to throw a hundred feet of line or fish a 500 grain sinking line until your shoulder gives out. Without exception, if you listen to your guide, he will steer you into fish within your ability or interest. Fishing a dry fly is something that everyone should try for a few days. It is effective on the Sustut and is the most exciting way to catch a steelhead. And - you will remember the fish boiling on your skated dry fly in a glossy tail out. – A memory for a lifetime!

There is 1 experienced guide for every three anglers who will take you daily by jet-boat transportation on the river. Fishing rights from the time of your arrival until you depart are part of your package. The lodge can accommodate 9 anglers maximum.  Suskeena Lodge is fly fishing only. Single barbless hooks are required.

Getting There  

Fly into Smithers B.C. You will need to spend the night and travel on to the Lodge the following morning by special charter (included- round trip from Smithers).  No roads will take you there.


Other than the joy of phenomenal fishing, READING, WALKING, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND RELAXING.

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