Agua Boa Lodge, Brazil

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Agua Boa Amazon Lodge also known as Royal Amazon Lodge, is located on the Agua Boa River in the northwest portion of the Amazon Basin, Brazil. This lodge offers the unique opportunity to sight-cast with a fly rod in a clear-water, white sand-bottom river for large peacock bass. From the end of October until mid  April, the program operates on set dates (Saturday to Saturday), and will accommodate 12 anglers per week.


Agua Boa River Lodge has seven freestanding bungalows plus the main lodge building. The bungalows overlook a 50-ft swimming pool and the Agua Boa River. Each is made up of a large room with two queen-sized beds, air conditioning, fan, comfortable chair, refrigerator (stocked each day with drinks), a table, and satellite television. There is a closet/bath area with a wall of hanging space and shelves along with a sink and plenty of counter space. There is also a separate, private water closet and a walk-in shower room with an oversized showerhead, Ahhh! and ample hot water. The main lodge is well designed and appointed with a spacious dining room, a large TV and bar room, and a separate game room featuring ping pong and snooker table. Delicious, hearty meals are carefully prepared and often served buffet-style.


Three species of Peacock Bass inhabit the Agua Boa. Most common is the Butterfly Peacock which tends to be the smallest, averaging 3-7 pounds, and are abundant in the lagoons and lakes in the region. The Spotted Peacock is the roughest of the group, is typically  larger than the butterfly found in large schools ‘hunting’ in the river. The Spotted Peacock is very aggressive when hooked his ‘ friends’ can be seen charging your fly as you battle their pal  to the boat. Finally, the Temensis Peacock is the Giant in the water and grows to over 20 pounds. Anglers at Agua Boa Lodge will fish a different section, of the river each day. This puts you in a fresh area every day, and your guides know them like the backs of their hands.  Each section offers something unique to keep on your toes all day.  For anglers world-wide, the Peacock Bass and Amazon area of Brazil is too tempting to try to resist. The experience of sight-fishing for the jungle’s fiercest fighting fish, the Peacock Bass is a life time memory maker. In addition to the Peacock Bass, fishermen can fish for Pirahna, the Pirarucu, the Aruana, the Pacu, and the countless other species that inhabit the Agua Boa. The Agua Boa is the only fly-fishing only river in Brazil. This provides quality fishing throughout the season. All fishing is done with single, barbless hooks. The proof of the success of this approach lies in the fact that anglers’ catch rates do not fluctuate between the beginning of the season and the end. Once you have visited the Agua Boa, other jungle fishing will pale by comparison.

Getting There

You will fly into Manaus, spend the night and be transferred to a charter flight the next morning. Keep in mind that the flights into and out of Manaus are not always on time, so trying to make same-day connections is not wise.


The remote location of the lodge dictates no activities offered past fishing and lodge amenities - swimming pool, game room, TV.  There will be some Photography opportunities.

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