Arroyo Verde

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Is located in the middle of an incredible green valley in Northern Patagonia. It is surrounded by dense protected native forest. There are paths, trails, and small roads allowing access to the more remote areas either hiking or by horseback.

You’ll see amazing rock formations and view the Traful River and Lake.

Estancia Arroyo Verde

The Arroyo Verde Lodge, a former family home, is located about an hour and a half from Bariloche, Argentina. This elegant lodge is known for its charm, cuisine, and great service. It is surrounded by magnificent scenery and landscapes and is not far from the Traful River. Arroyo Verde Lodge accommodates up to 10 guests in 1 single and 3 double rooms with private baths or in an adjacent building with a suite that accommodates 2-4 guests with 1 bathroom.

Or, if you really want seclusion with a view, there is a lake cabin (2-4) with fireplace, and kitchen. It has a great view of the Traful Lake and is perched atop a rocky cliff. (about 10 minutes from the Lodge).

Fishing at Arroyo Verde

There is over 10 miles of "the magical Traful River"running through Arroyo Verde's property. It is the best river in Patagonia to find and catch trophy Atlantic Landlocked Salmon and at the same time challenge monster browns and extremely strong rainbows. The Traful's crystal-clear waters host several trophy trout and land-locked record Atlantic Salmon. It might be the most demanding fishing river in the region. It is a “wading only” river accommodating no more than 12 anglers.

Atlantic land-locked Salmon can often be found at 3 to 10 pounds apiece, especially early or late in the season. An 18 pound record land locked-salmon was caught recently.

Getting to the wading areas is easy and wading is easy except for a few of the rocky areas.

Average trout run 20-24 inches, the fishing may be difficult some days but hooking one of these beauties will make your day worthwhile. It is not unusual to find Browns and Rainbows over 6 inches – Landing them is another story.

Activities - Want a change?

If you love horses and wilderness, this ranch boasts one of the most attractive areas to ride in and beautiful, mild horses. You can enjoy a different day (or a few hours, whatever you prefer)

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