Bella Vista, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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Bella Vista in Tierra del Fuego “Land of Fire” is about as far as you can go south on land  before you end up in Antarctica! It is located on a 500,000 acre ranch which borders the Rio Gallegos and Rio Chico rivers.  In all there are over 40 miles of Sea Trout or German Brown fishing areas along the 2 rivers just a short walk from the lodge. It provides an amazing and different angling experience for anglers. It is the only location where one can fish for spring creek trout on foam attractors in the mornings and in the evening “golden hour” fish for the big Sea runs.


The Bella Vista Lodge is a villa located on this estancia and boasts 5 spacious well-appointed bedrooms with private baths (3 double and 2 single occupancy). There is a warm and welcoming living room with a comfortable bar area where you can relax and visit with other anglers. The villa accommodates only 8 guests at one time so you receive personal and excellent service. The lodge also has wading rooms, fly-tying table and facilities, satellite telephone and internet access, a fly shop fully equipped with flies, rods, reels, lines, and suitable clothing and Argentine crafts.

You’ll delight to gourmet dining with Argentina's famed beef and lamb (raised right on the ranch) and fine wines, traditional Asados (BBQs), and delicious desserts. The Chef presents an array of delicious, traditional Argentine specialties. Wines are carefully selected from the extensive wine cellar to accompany each meal. Traditional Asados barbeque of lamb will be prepared on one of the evenings.


The Rio Gallegos supports an amazing run of giant sea run browns in the 10 – 20 lbs range, and fish to 30 lbs possible.  Bella Vista also has access to Rio Chico, a delightful and intimate spring creek, with sea runs and resident browns. The primary fishery at Bella Vista is the Rio Gallegos which is a large and varied river system.  A healthy supply of resident browns in the 2-7 lb. range is present in the river. The rivers offer easy wading on fine-gravel bottom.
Tackle: Both single (8-9wt., 9-10ft.) and two-handed (9-11wt., 13-15ft.) rods / spay rods are used for Sea-Run Brown Trout. Resident Brown are fished with 4-7wt. rods.

A typical angling schedule is:

8:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Depart for fishing
1:00 pm Lunch and Siesta
4:00 pm Fish till dusk

*The schedule varies depending on the season. It can also be tailored to meet the preference the guests.
* Bella Vista is strictly a catch and release fishery. The professional Guides are will assist anglers in weighing and releasing fish, without harming them. This allows for the continuance of the species.

Getting There

Guests fly into Buenos Aires International Airport (There are many direct flights from the U.S.). From Buenos Aires you will fly 3 hours to the Rio Gallegos Airport on an in-country flight. The transfer from the airport to the lodge, by four wheel drive, takes approximately 1 ½ hours.

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