Campeche, Tarpon Bay, Mexico

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Campeche is a beautiful historic colonial city on the western coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, due to the numerous historic landmarks in the city. Because of the huge number of baby tarpon found along the mangrove flats lining its coastline, Campeche has been quietly getting a reputation as a world-class tarpon fishery.  Both anglers and non-anglers will enjoy the tasty cuisine, beautiful, historic architecture, and humming streets in this tradition-rich town.


Guests stay at the upscale Hotel Plaza Campeche, found in the bustling city center. The hotel provides all modern conveniences similar to an upscale U.S. American hotel. Both anglers and non-anglers will appreciate the wonderful cuisine, historic architecture, and lively streets of this scenic town.  Amenities include swimming pool, business center, and restaurant.


The fishing day begins about 7 AM with a hot breakfast at the hotel. A transfer from the hotel it will be just a short distance to the docks. Here you will be met by your guide. Hewes and Mako skiffs are Tarpon Bay’s fleet; they include a comfortable fishing platform. These boats allow access to more shallow flats where a traditional panga would bottom out. Schools of tarpon in the 5-15 pound range will be found rolling on the surface of the mangrove flats and creeks, and the occasional snook may show up. These fish are largely undisturbed and respond hungrily to a well-presented fly.

Getting There

You will take an international flight from Miami, Atlanta, or Houston to Merida. Once there, ground transfer will be provided to Campeche.


Being located in the wonderful historic city, you may want to avail yourself of a tour of the Mayan Ruins (not far out of town), the excellent restaurants which are found throughout the city, and of course – shopping in the plethora of shops specializing in locally crafted wares and souvenirs.

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