Coopers’ Minipi Camps, Labrador NF, Canada

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Coopers’ Minipi Camps, on Labrador - the last place on earth where you can catch 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and, yes, even 10 pound brook trout on a dry fly. Jack Cooper has four lodges and exclusive fly-in rights on the Minipi watershed that lie in the very center of the brook trout's perfect and original habitat. Labrador’s interior is still has 112,000 square miles of uninhabited wilderness. And since 1978, it has been the home of Coopers’ Minipi Lodges where you can enjoy an angling adventure of a lifetime in one of North America’s true wilderness areas. You can fish in pristine waters and catch not only giant brookies but also great northern pike up to 20 pounds and landlocked Arctic char up to 10 pounds – all on flies.


There are 4 separate lodges- all accessible by float-plane only: Minipi Lodge This is the largest with 10 double bedrooms and 4 baths with showers. It has been called "the best accommodations available for fisherman in all of eastern Canada." It is constructed of Lindal Cedar with an all glass front affording guests a panoramic view of the Lake. It boasts a warm inviting dining room, fisherman’s library, fly tying bench and den with comfortable chairs and sofas. The Anne Marie Lodge keeps the heritage of its predecessor (a log cabin), but offers 15’ x 24’ guest rooms with private baths, a grand but rustic gathering room with panoramic views of the lake, and fishing spots nearby – no need for hiking or long canoe rides.  The old cabin is still available and furnished with easy chairs perfect for relaxing and enjoying good cigars. Minonipi Lodge is a ranch-style cabin, slightly larger than Anne Marie. This lodge has two full baths with showers and all the charm of snugness of a true wilderness encampment—like the wood burning stove. Little Minipi Lake Lodge built in 2007 offers comfortable accommodations for 6 anglers. It is located “down-river” west of Minipi Lake. Little Minipi offers trophy-sized brook trout, Arctic Char and pike in either a 9 mile or 3 mile long lake. Each lake has enticing coves, inlets, wade-able stream, riffles, and rapids (some within walking distance of the cottage). So, whether you’re seasoned or a novice, here’s your chance to add another chapter to your fishing adventures, book a trip down river to Little Minipi Lake Lodge.


The sport fishing laws of Labrador restrict the Minipi watershed to use by a select handful of anglers who choose Coopers' Minipi Camps as their outfitter. This guarantees you exclusive, relaxed sport fishing in a true wilderness area where you will not have to compete for choice spots with anglers from other fly-in outfitters. The Minipi professional guides can usually get you close to rising fish, but often you'll need to make long, accurate casts to fish playing ‘hard to get’ that rise- seemingly just out of reach. You'll use large flies and sometimes cast into a stiff wind. So, you want to bring a rod that's a little heavier than the one you normally use on small trout streams back home. Most anglers bring 9 ft. 5, 6 or 8 weight rods rigged with weight-forward lines, 9 ft. leaders and 6 to 8 pound tippets. If the rises are few, the weather uncooperative, or the wind blowing, you will want to use troll streamers these will appeal to the Brookies and great northern pike up to 20 pounds as well as land-locked 10 pound arctic char. So, bring a second heavier rod with some wire leaders and small swivels. The woven, flexible, knot-able wire is best.


Getting There

You’ll fly first to Montreal or Toronto then on to Halifax, Nova Scotia where you’ll connect with either a direct flight to Goose Bay or a flight to Goose Bay with an intermediate stop in Deer Lake or St. John’s, Newfoundland. Plan to be in Goose Bay before 5:00 P.M. There a representative of Coopers’ will meet you and take you to Tamalik Air located at the Otter Creek Seaplane base to fly you in their twin engine Otter seaplane to the lodge and back, a flight that takes 25 to 30 minutes.


This is a remote area and not many activities other than fishing, relaxing, and photography are available.

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