Crooked Island Lodge, Bahamas

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Crooked Island Lodge is Located on a beach at Crooked Island's extreme northwestern tip, this hotel is so isolated that you'll forget all about the world outside. For most of its early years, it was a well-guarded secret. The resort maintains its own 3,500 foot, hard-surface landing strip, which is independent of the one used for the flights from Nassau on commercial airlines. Within easy access are some of the strangest historic sites in The Bahamas, including the ruins of a salt farm, Marine Farms Fortress, which was sacked by U.S pirates in 1812. The location has been described as, “Mind-bending ocean and beachfront location”.  Don't go unless you want remote and private, with little to do but fish, snorkel, and relax. The island is surrounded by beautiful turquoise flats, pristine coral reefs and small cays. The Lodge itself overlooks the picturesque Bird Rock Lighthouse, which is surrounded by an extensive reef system.


Rooms, renovated in 2009, are motel-style units; some with an ocean view. The 12 air-conditioned private rooms have private baths and outside patios. Rooms are clean, comfortable and more than adequate for all but the most discerning traveler.   The main lodge—which has a restaurant, bar, and library—once housed the Bahamas' first post office.  The building was one of the island's first outposts and is still recognized as an important historical landmark. Much of the original stonework walls and doorways remain, sparking the imagination of guests.  The staff prepares fresh, locally caught grouper, snapper, tuna, mahi mahi, lobster, and conch in traditional Bahamian recipes for your enjoyment. Guests enjoy hearty helpings these locally influenced dishes, with homemade breads and desserts. The kitchen can accommodate special dietary requests. Each evening the Lodge staff will take your lunch order for the following day. Lunches typically consist of a sandwiches prepared on homemade bread served with fruit, chips, cookies and a soft drink or lemonade. Dinner is in the dining room unless you specify that you want room service. The courteous and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to making guests welcome and comfortable. Well-prepared and hearty meals, expert guides, and management dedicated to ensuring an enjoyable experience is what to expect.


A true anglers' paradise, this is one of the best flats, inshore, and offshore fishing destinations in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Shaded by coconut palms, the remote property on Crooked Island's northwestern tip has miles of open beach at its doorstep. Crooked Island Lodge offers reef, in-shore, and offshore fishing along with bonefishing. The flats fishing on the south side of Crooked Island have the friendliest bonefish found anywhere. By limiting the operation to six boats per week, we ensure the quality of fishing is preserved for many years to come. The average bonefish is around three to four pounds, however, 10 pounders are not uncommon and last season dozens of these were caught. Crooked Island is not a tarpon destination, but good numbers are being jumped and landed in late spring and summer. Sharks and barracudas are abundant on the flats and make for lots of excitement. Inshore can be a real angler’s treat as well, catching grouper, snapper, hard fighting jacks, mackerel, sharks, and barracuda. Off-shore - Thunderbird Charters invites you to experience the thrill of offshore fishing around Crooked Island. The fishing is incredible. They fish in water that few sport fishing boats are touching. Daily catches are often plentiful. Near world record wahoo are being caught regularly. Trolling, chumming, live bait, and fly fishing methods are all employed.

Getting There

Take a flight into Nassau, Bahamas Air services the island from Nassau twice each week, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Lodge will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the Lodge. For a more convenient travel, charter flights can also be arranged.  Or, you can make arrangements to fly your own plane in and land at the Lodge airstrip.


The lodge has a bar; bikes; watersports equipment/rental; Wi-Fi (in the main building), relax, and of course fish. Guests who enjoy snorkeling can wade right in only steps away from their room. Certified divers may experience unique and spectacular "wall diving" just a few hundred yards off the beach. A sea kayak tour of the coast is another option.

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