Estancia Laguna Verde, Patagonia Argentina

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Estancia Laguna Verde is located in Southern Patagonia in the Santa Cruz Province of Argentina on “Jurassic Lake" or known  by its other name, Lake Strobel, by either name what you will find waiting for you are huge rainbows. If you are still holding out for your own personal record Rainbow, you may find it here in this very rustic setting along the southern shores of Lake Strobel nearly 200 miles from Calafate Argentina. The lodge is very comfortable with a service oriented staff, excellent guides, and delicious meals and wines.

This 37,000-acre estancia also holds portions of the Barrancoso River, and several chain lakes filled with trout as well as 15 smaller lakes on the property. You will have the opportunity to not only fish the flats and ledges in Strobel, but you may also try New Zealand-type ‘sight fishing’ in the river for targets ranging from 5- to  more than 12 pounds or cast your luck into the smaller more remote lakes on the Estancia.

Though this is a Rustic Estancia, improvements are continually being made to add comfort and ease of access to the fisheries. Being able to more easily access various coves and bays gives you much more interesting fishing venues. You’ll find these trout real fighters, and you’ll thrill to their high arcing from the water. Rainbows are what you will mainly find, but there are also some Browns to be found.


The Lodge includes 5 comfortable bedrooms, and gorgeous views from the dining and living rooms which overlook Laguna Verde. To insure guests’ comfort some other amenities are: 24 hour power (yes even in this remote part of Argentina), Satellite Internet and wi fi, and a gear drying room- great to have warm waders and boots for each angling adventure. Additionally, a "Lake Cabin" offers anglers at the lower end of  the Barrancoso River an opportunity to get out of the elements in and enjoy lunch or possibly a siesta break.

The professional chef specializes in traditional Argentine cuisine which is a delicious combination of French, Spanish, and other culinary influences incorporating the finest local ingredients. Served along with and as a compliment to the meal  is a selection of fine Argentine wines from the Mendoza and Salta Regions.

Getting There

We are talking remote! The distance between Calafate and the Estancia is approximately 190 miles. Land transfers take about 4 ½  hours over some paved and some dirt roads. The final 30 miles is private road and of that the last 10 miles is rocky.


At the Estancia Laguna Verde, you may of course fish to your heart’s content. You can enjoy the scenic views from the lodge, sit in the comfort of the living room to enjoy a good book, or watch the river, hiking, bird watching, photo safaris, four track and four-wheel drive off road travelling.

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