Estancia Sihuen, Patagonia, Argentina

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Estancia Sihuen is a family owned 23,000 acre ranch, located 10 miles southwest of Junin de los Andes. The land is classic high Patagonian plateau steppe and mesa country. Vegetation is low and requires a well-planned stalk to get within shooting range. Based on SCI hunting conditions criteria all trophy stag harvested at Sihuen are eligible for the SCI record books.


Guests will stay at Huechahue, a self-sufficient "green" ranch. They grow organic fruits and vegetables, generate their own electricity, and produce their own meats. There are three guest bungalows a short distance from the main ranch house. The bungalows are very comfortable, with 8 twin-bedded rooms and private bathrooms. Meals will typically be served in the dining room of the ranch house where guests gather for drinks and socialization. They also have a wonderful "quincho," or barbecue house, for asados and dinners.

Getting There

You will take an overnight International flight from the U.S. to Buenos Aires and Continue via commercial flight to San Martin de los Andes where you will be met by a representative of the Estancia and transferred to the Estancia Sihuen by land.

The Hunting

At Sihuen our hunts are always one professional guide per hunter. Typically you will  head out early in the morning, hunt until about noon and return to the ranch for lunch, very often a Patagonian asado (BBQ). After lunch and a short siesta, the hunt resumes until sunset. The hunts can be set-up in several ways thanks to the topography of the ranch. Typically the hunt starts out on horseback to reach the rut areas. Having spotted a trophy, the horses are left and the stalk resumes by foot. (If there are hunters with mobility problems, there are comfortable 4x4 vehicles available to reach the game.) The professional guides work one-on-one with you to get you into position for a shot at a trophy animal. This 6 day/6-night hunt is ideally tailored for a party of one or two. March 1 to April 18

The Fishing

There is optional to fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout in the Chimehuin River. Anglers of all abilities can cast as await the thrill of the strike from a German Brown Trout. At the beginning of the 20th Century these Browns were brought into Argentine waters and it is now not uncommon to land a 6 -10 pound Brown with tales of 15 pounders being caught. There is fly equipment to rent; however, taking your own is probably the best. This is a great addition to your Red Stag trip and is quite an adventure to experience on your own, however a fully guided trip can be arranged for an additional charge.

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