Far Ends River Lodge, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

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Far Ends River lodge is the epitome of an angling adventure set in an unforgiving climate and remotely situated on the Maria Louisa Ranch, it lies about 120 miles south of Rio Grande. It is set among the Beech forests of Tierra del Fuego and overlooking the Irigoyen River. Both the Atlantic Ocean and the Irigoyen River are but a short walking distance from the lodge.


The recently created Log Cabin style Lodge accommodates up to 7 in 4 double rooms with private spacious and lavish baths. The Lodge also has the amenities an international traveler/Angler expects: electricity, heat, telephone, (irregular) satellite Internet. There is a drying room and changing quarters  The meals are exceptional, prepared by a professional chef and presented beautifully. Without exception, there is no better way to unwind after a great angling experience on the water than in the warm and friendly dining lodge, where food and service rival any.

Getting There

An international overnight flight from any of many U.S> airports will take you to Buenos Aires. From BA, anglers will fly 4 hours to Ushuaia where you will be picked up by lodge staff and driven 3 hours to the Lodge over somewhat bumpy roads.


The winding narrow Irigoyen River is the main fishery at Far Ends. It runs through a valley of forests and grasslands. It is protected from the winds by lying at the foothills of the Andes. Because of the narrowness and protected wind shielded area, anglers are able to use lighter weight, single handed rods – still a heavier weight rod is recommended to steer these giant Browns (average 9-20 pounds and about 8-12 fish a day) away from submerged logs. Though this is average, Browns up to 28 pounds have been landed. March is best for catching larger numbers as the sea run infiltrate the waters in larger numbers. This river offers what many others in Tierra del Fuego do not – that being the diverse venues rather than the staid quarter downstream cast, swing, step, and repeat.  There are eddies, logs, riffles, cut banks and pools to allow for variation of your methods. No more than 6 rods a day are allowed by Far Ends Lodge.

The season is November to April with the very best time being February to late March. Trips run Saturday to Saturday.

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