Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge, Mexico

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Grand Slam Fly Fishing is located in Ascension Bay, one of the most pristine fisheries in this hemisphere. It is just a 11/2 hour drive south of Tulum.  Being part of the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve, it was named an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 1.3 million-acre estuary is teeming with fish, birds and other wildlife. The fish naturally populate without human intrusion. GrandSlam Fishing Lodge is like an exclusive resort that happens to be run by fishermen, for fishermen and their companions. It is situated on a narrow, palm tree-studded strip of sand, the lodge faces the Caribbean on one side and the lagoon on the other. You will get great sea views. Neither rustic nor rough, Grand Slam Fishing Lodge is remote enough to provide an away-from-it-all feel in a fisherman’s paradise. You’ll still have the pampered luxuries you’d expect at any first-class resort…with trophy-sized permit as a bonus. The lodge hosts a maximum of 24 guests in 12 private villa rooms right on the beach with gorgeous sea views. No other lodges or hotels are within sight


There are 12 beachfront villa rooms, complete with air conditioning, king-sized beds, satellite television, wrap-around decks and lockable rod racks. Cool off in the pool or enjoy drinks delivered to you at your Bali beach bed. Dine on fresh-caught lobster and fish for dinner, and enjoy aged rum and a Cuban cigar while swapping fishing stories later. The lodge has a tropical thatched-roof design and features a socializing area, a bar with swinging seats, and the Kai Restaurant with a covered beachfront deck. About dining: The chef in Kai Restaurant prepares hearty meals with fresh local ingredients. Start with a big cooked breakfast to start your day. Fishermen will enjoy a picnic lunch, and the restaurant will serve those remaining at the lodge during lunchtime. Every night you’ll have a choice of locally caught fish or lobster, steak and other options; the blackboard selections vary daily. Dine inside our dining room at your leisure, or outdoors on the covered deck overlooking the sea. There is no set time for meals and no buffets at Kai Restaurant – eat when it suits you, and enjoy cooked-to-order meals. Breakfast is anytime from 6:30 to 9:00 a.m. and dinner is served from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.


The Holy Grail in fishing is a Grand Slam: landing a bonefish, tarpon and permit in the same day. Add snook to the trio for a Super Slam. In Ascension Bay, your chances of earning this achievement have never been better. A great guide to lead you to the fish is of utmost importance and second is your skill is which is also fundamental. The strategy will be to land a permit first since it is the most difficult to hook, and then go in search of tarpon; they may take some time to locate. Next the Bonefish. W ith so many opportunities to present flies and lures you will have a memorable experience here – trying for the grand slam. You’ll have epic fights against flashes of silver in crystal clear flats with up to two feet of water where many smaller bonefish call home, plus three- to four-foot-deep flats where the larger Bones and Permit roam. 25-ft. fishing pangas are stable in the shallow flats, have a wide casting area on the flat bow, and a poling platform at the back for sighting fish. They easily slip through the canals in the mangroves to quiet lagoons where tarpon lurk. They’re outfitted with 40- to 60-hp engines to access remote spots in the bay . There is also a 26-foot open, center-console boat, high bow, rigid roof, outriggers and sonar that’s perfect for fishing along the Palancar reef, the second-longest in the world, at night for snook and tarpon. You’ll have your own personal guide who will get out and stand next to you while you fish the flats. He’ll tell you where to cast, when to strip the line, the exact moment to set the hook and how to fight your fish and win. When in the boat, his eagle eyes will pick up those nearly transparent fish before you can focus on the bottom. He knows the deep holes that tarpon love, and where the tidal currents bring in nutrients that lead to a feeding frenzy. The guides are all local with at least 15 years guiding experience and know these waters well. Most are the proud descendants of the Mayans who have lived here for thousands of years, and they speak good English.

Eight hours of fishing per day (except arrival and departure days) two anglers with their personal guides in each panga, but you can have your own boat for a half or full day if you like. You may also choose different time frames.  All fishing in the bio-sphere is catch, photograph, and release.

Getting There

Fly into Cancun where a private transfer from the airport to the lodge will be waiting. It is a three and-a-half hour drive from Cancun International Airport; most of the trip is smooth highway, but the last hour from Tulum to the lodge is on a rough dirt road. Consider this transfer time when scheduling  your flights. Arriving in Cancun late in the day or leaving on an early departure flight from Cancun may require a hotel stay near the airport.


ENJOY!  the beach on comfortable, king-sized Bali day beds, have a  beach butler deliver cool drinks. Or, go for a swim – the ocean here has a sandy bottom with nearby areas of coral for snorkeling. Or you may choose the swimming pool;  pool butlers will deliver drinks to your lounge in the pool area as well. There is also a library, a computer and fly tying stationin the lodge.

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