Jacana Lodge, Argentina

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Jacana is located in Lincoln, in the province of Buenos Aires, (185 miles) from the city of Buenos Aires. Jacana was patterned after the great Duck Hunting Clubs in the U.S. but with many more duck. David Denies’ Duck Program is beneficial to you due to the hundreds of years of combined experience the staff brings to the table in guiding, outfitting, and wing shooting programs. And the area in which Jacana is located provides for liberal limits, fast action and consistency for discriminating shooting guests.


Jacana offers 5 double rooms with private baths. (No extra charge for single rooms – when available) Capacity is 10- max. There is a living room with comfortable seating, an open bar with Local liquors, and a game room with pool table. Satellite phone and TV is also available as is internet access. Maid and laundry service is available as is a masseuse, all making for an extraordinary stay.

The Dining room, offers gourmet dining with Argentina's famous beef and fine wines, traditional asados (BBQ), and delicious desserts.


The hunting program includes Duck hunting over decoys, morning and afternoons. The morning hunts leave early, but not before a delicious and hearty breakfast, including waffles to eggs benedict made to order and more. Drives range from ten to forty five minutes depending on water conditions. Hunters are placed in dry blinds, or large dry, sunken "buckets" similar to an individual pit blind, or on platform-pallet blinds.

Shooting over decoys starts at first light and continues until 10 am or later. Most days, you will return to the lodge for lunch and a siesta before afternoon hunts begin at about 3pm.The afternoon hunts last until dark. The species available are: Red Shoveller, Black Headed Duck, four  varieties of Teal, Rosey Billed Pochard, and Pintails.

Getting there

An overnight flight from the U.S. into Buenos Aires where you may continue by car to Jacana.  Your drive will take approximately 3 1/2 hours with good roads and through beautiful rural country. Optionally, you may charter directly to the landing strip at Lincoln. (60 min) Arrive in the morning from the U.S. -and you'll be hunting after lunch.


Horseback riding (optional).Rates are as follows: Shooter: $1250 per day Non Shooter: $750 per day Shells: $15 per box of shells Gun Rental: $50 per day Payment Terms 50% deposit is required to guarantee booking . Final payment is due 60 days before departure. Please note this deposit is NON REFUNDABLE unless a replacement is found.

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