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The Kamchatka Peninsula has been one of mystery for centuries. Only since the folding of the Soviet Union in 1991 have we begun to understand what lies behind this rugged North Pacific coastline. It is the most pristine wilderness left on Earth, chock full of fish and game; where the environment is indeed virgin. Kamchatka countryside is similar to Alaska, dotted with volcanoes and tundra meadows separated by evergreen and birch forest that stretch to the horizon. This part of the world is sparsely inhabited- except for reindeer, moose, sheep, and the largest concentration of brown bears in the world!

Kamchatka Trophy Hunts offers hunting and fishing trips in the central, northern and north-western part of the peninsula. These trips will set your heart pounding, open your eyes, and force you to look again at what surrounds you. Success is second to none but the hunting experience is more - about taking a step into the past, about hunting in a place like Alaska was 100 years ago. And it's more about yourself than you might guess.


Hunting packages for Eastern Siberian Moose, Kamchatka Brown Bear and two different species of wild sheep on the Kamchatka Peninsula – Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep and Koryak Snow Sheep are available. Kamchatka Trophy hunts has been in operation for 16 years, conducting hunts for the most famous agents in the hunting world, and now offer our services directly to hunters.

SIBERIAN MOOSE are found throughout both the northern and central parts of Kamchatka, and mature bulls weigh nearly 1,500 pounds with an antler spread ranging from 51 to more than 63 inches! The largest moose taken by one client was nearly 70 inches. Population estimates say there are approximately 2,500 in the north and 2,000 more in central Kamchatka.  Combination hunts for both moose and brown bear can be done, but the odds of taking both in a single trip are only about 50/50, far below the normal success rate for either.

The seasons for Moose are broken into two: Fall hunts, during the rut, begin on or about the 1st of October and Winter hunts begin in the middle of November continuing through mid-December.

The BROWN BEAR Hunt- there are more bears on this huge peninsula (total number and bears per square mile) than anywhere on earth. The Kamchatka wilderness is massive, the bears are concentrated in the fall and spring in predictable areas. The annual harvest of brown bears does not even approach ten percent of the population, and conservation/regulation authorities believe the vast majority of bear mortality in the wild of Kamchatka is due to natural causes and predation.

The best of the season begins with mid-August hunts and continues through early October. The weather is awesome, with few insects, and plentiful bears fixated on salmon and preparing for the rapidly approaching winter. A mature fall Kamchatka brown bear taken by hunters ranges from eight and a half to nine feet. Though that average is impressive, of course, there are larger bears. A few are enormous!  There are an estimated 14,000 bears on the peninsula.  There are also Spring Hunts. and Kamchatka Bighorn Sheep and Koryak Snow Sheep hunts.


You will be transferred to one of several local bed-&- breakfast hotels where you'll stay overnight after the journey from Petropavlovsk to the Camp. The Camp is not fancy but will meet your daily needs.    

After the hunt, guests stay in one of Petro's two best hotels, either the Avacha or the Petropavlovsk. Both are the same level of accommodation and the cost of a single room is about $100. The next day, in Petropavlovsk. You'll begin the day with a city and cultural tour, with time for souvenir shopping and to see the markets and sights of this historic harbor town. Everyone will begin check-in for the connecting flight to the USA via Moscow. Or you will begin check-in for the return flight to Anchorage which is normally at 8 p.m. and the flight departs at 10 p.m. Then you will return to Moscow for your flight home.


After arriving in Moscow, hunters may choose to continue to Kamchatka immediately or extend their holiday with a visit to Moscow and a chance to decompress. Flights to Petropavlovsk depart in the evenings, allowing for same day connections from the States, but you may choose to see the sights and experience dining in Moscow on this once in a lifetime trip. It takes most of the day, once you arrive in Kamchatka to travel hundreds of miles north of Petropavlovsk to the perimeter of our hunting region.

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