Ur and Tarialan Camps, Mongolia

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Ur and Tarialan Camps are located in wide fertile river valleys southeast of Lake Hovsgol and Moron. North central Mongolia is a region similar to Montana's Yellowstone River valley. The difference is in the unobstructed views.  The local herdsmen an flocks dot the wide, fertile valley floor which is thick with lush summer grass and vibrant wildflowers. The mountains around the rivers are lined with unbroken stands of larch, birch, aspen and alder forests. This is the trip of a lifetime for most anglers.


Ur camp accommodates up to 8 fishermen while the Tarialan camp accommodates 6. The camps are designed to provide great service and comfort while keeping the feel of the Mongolian culture. Each camp is located to provide anglers with an expanse of fishing water and amazing views of surrounding mountains and valleys. Cuisine at the camps is a mix of American- and Mongolian-style dishes prepared by professional chefs. Each camp includes a lodge with a large dining room and sitting area, kitchen and staff quarters. The bathhouse includes shower facilities with plenty of hot water, and water pressure, and an area with sinks and mirrors. There is 110-volt electricity. While at camp, fishermen stay in well-furnished gers (a kind of round white tent). Each one is 18 feet in diameter and 9 feet high. These spacious tents are equipped with 110-volt electricity, a wood stove, wood floors, hot water, wide comfortable beds, a table, chairs, and plenty of room to store and organize your gear.


Taimen have one of the largest ranges of any of the salmon family with distribution spanning Bavaria to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Unfortunately, due to human infringing, healthy populations of this fantastic fish remain solely in the pristine sections of Russia and Mongolia. Taimen are a fierce predatory fish that Mongolians call the "river wolf." If sheltered from excessive human interference, Taimen live to be nearly 50 years old. In the rivers fished on this trip, Taimen reach weights of 75 pounds exceeding 60 inches in length. Taimen are a remarkable game fish. Their strike will take your breath away! They leap like acrobats or sometimes retire to their lair, landing them takes patience and skill, and the fish you catch in Mongolia will undoubtedly be the largest ones you will ever land on a dry fly in freshwater. Rivers around the camps are a fly fisherman's paradise; they have a moderate flow, are easy wading, and have predictable banks. There is one American guide to two anglers, and each day can be custom-tailored to provide the kind of fishing you want to do. Fishing here is strictly catch and release.

Getting There

In order to reach this outpost, you will most likely fly to Moscow, then move to the fishing camps by helicopter. You can also fly to  Ulaanbaatar with direct service from Seoul, Beijing, and Osaka.


Keeping in mind that you will be in a wilderness area, you may want to  take an extra day or two in Ulaanbaatar before or after the fishing camp. Visits to the Buddhist Monastery, the Winter and Summer Palaces, the Gobi Cashmere Factory, and local museums and markets are fascinating. You can plan combination trips to other destinations; for instance, the Gobi Desert, Kharkorum or Lake Hovsgol can also be arranged.

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