La Zona Lodge, Concordia  Argentina

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La Zona

“The Zone” The fishing zone for GIANT Golden Dorado! This area of the world  (between Uruguay and Argentina) is host to the amazing Golden Dorado. There are only a few permits issued each year, and you have to be ready to act quickly if you want to be among the few who get this privilege. It is truly a rare opportunity for an Amazing trip- one of which you are sure to have a lifetime memory.


The lodge, situated in an area of palm and Eucalyptus trees in palm and eucalyptus, a perfect place to relax, rest and tell "fish tales" after an exciting day on the water. There is a private pool available in which to cool down and repair sore muscles from fighting the Giant Dorados all day. After a rest and relaxation time you’ll enjoy a delicious and hearty supper. La Zona provides an intimate experience with just four fully air-conditioned rooms, each with its own private bath. There won’t be crowds to deal with. You’ll experience just calm and quiet at this lodge. The lodge offers internet use and
Electricity is 220 Volt and requires the appropriate adapters.


The Dorado or ‘golden fish’ is, without a doubt, one of Argentina's most renowned native fish. Its sporting quality legends have reached far beyond Argentine borders making it a catch of international value. Anglers from all over the world know the image and legendary power of the acrobatic Dorado, soaring from the water like a flash of Gold- reflecting the sun. Its aggressiveness is such that that few fish can measure up to it. Fish of 20-30 lbs are common. Fish of over 40 lbs are expected and frequently taken, but those tipping the scale at 50 and over over 50 lbs are present in these waters and offer a catch-of-a-lifetime. Their raw, untamable power makes the Dorado amazing fish! With their ferocious nature, they have earned the reputation of ‘king’ of warm, freshwater sporting fish

The fishing is done in the exclusive 1.5 mile tail-waters below the dam, where waters can fluctuate day to day. Fly fishing is the best in January and February, when the water is predictably at its lowest below the dam. It is also the hottest at this time of year. September to May will find the water at low stages and more conducive fly fishing.  However - Fishing with conventional tackle is best in  August, through October when the gradually rising waters have historically yielded the biggest fish of the season. There is typically higher water during this time, so going deep with big crank baits and minnow imitations is the standard tactic. This is the period when world records have been set.

Getting There

You will fly overnight into Buenos Aries Ezeiza International Airport. You will be met upon arrival by a transfer service and driven to the Jorge Newberry National Airport for an afternoon flight to Concordia, Argentina then driven onto the lodge. Where you will have time to relax with a welcoming dinner and prepare for the exciting fishing the next morning.


Because LaZona is so remote, there are no additional activities available, however you remote location of the lodge, there are no activities offered outside may want to plan extra time in Beautiful Buenos Aires to shop or sight-see.

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