Lake Baccarac Lodge, Sinaloa, Mexico

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Lake Baccarac Lodge was built with you in mind. You, the anglers who want the opportunity to stay in elegant accommodations while spending days doing some of the world's best bass fishing. Lake Baccarac Lodge, overlooks the lake as well as taking-in beautiful surrounding mountain scenery. The lake belongs to the Mexican state of Sinaloa – known for its pristine and soaring mountain peaks, winding rivers and valleys, and spectacular coastal panoramas. There is also a  shop in the lodge to stock up on gear you may have forgotten to bring or should you need that special lure.  


The staff at Lake Baccarac Lodge is commissioned to ensure your stay is topnotch. The lodge is spacious and will accommodate up to 32 anglers in double occupancy, air conditioned, well-appointed rooms.  Excellent meals are prepared by the cooking staff and the housekeeping staff  will pamper you – even washing your clothing daily. From the moment you arrive at the Lodge, until you leave, the staff is there to meet your every need and to make sure your stay is a memorable one. After fishing all day, you will enjoy the comfort of the covered verandas and beautiful and peaceful landscaped yard. Beautiful weather, a peaceful ambiance, and unbeatable bass fishing combine to create the perfect recipe for an unforgettable Mexico getaway.


Lake Baccarac was stocked in 1978 with a Florida strain largemouth bass. This lake is 25 miles long and 5 miles wide and is 30,000 acres when at full pool. The lake record was set in 1993 by Mr. Knutson. It weighed in at 19.10 lb. Lake Baccarac’s part-time resident, Sonny Talkington, caught an 18.11 lb. bass at Lake Baccarac. Mexico bass fishing is truly at its finest at Lake Baccarac!  Many who have frequented Lake Baccarac over the years know Sonny and his infamous log of all fish caught on the lake. Happily, he is a close neighbor and the lodge’s resident expert.18 foot Crestliner boats are manned by Lake Baccarac’s most famous guides (Sixto, Miguel ( Chino ), Eddie, Pedro, Huil, Juan , or Oscar just to name a few!) who have an intimate knowledge of the lake.  Most guides have twenty years of experience or more on the lake; they await you each morning to help you realize every angler’s dream – that giant bass on your line. Frequently catches weighing well into the double digits are experienced, and reports commonly document staggering daily averages of 75-150 bass catches per day per boat!

Getting There

Anglers can fly commercial airlines into Los Mochis, Mexico. Typically connections are through Tucson, Phoenix, Monterrey, or Culiacan on Aero Mexico and Aero California. Then it is a 3-hour drive to the lake.

Or - Many anglers travel to the lodge via private charter to Bacoburito, which is 20 minutes from the lodge. The private charter options through the lodge include the fishing and the air service in the package price.

Or fly to Mazatlan and  be transferred via First Class Ground Service provider Tiger Transportistas SADECV to the lodge.


Other than relaxing, taking in the scenery, and fishing, there are not many alternative activities at Lake Baccarac.

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