Los Crestones,  General Belgrano,  Argentina

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Los Crestones Lodge

David Denies has rolled out yet another unique shooting venue. Situated just a little over an hour from Buenos Aires, Los Crestones Lodge offers the opportunity to hunt decoyed ducks with well-trained labs in the mornings and perdiz over pointers in the afternoon.  Both are accompanied by professional hunting guides.

Typically Denies, this lodge hosts a maximum of 6 guests. This well-appointed estancia boasts single bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, gourmet dining, traditional asados; and a pleasant, service oriented staff.


With 6 private rooms and en-suite baths Los Crestones is comfortable and classy It is a classic Argentinean estancia that has been carefully renovated to include many creature comforts that guests have come to expect. However the classic Argentine architecture and country charm remain. The living room boasts a huge and cozy fireplace and Wi-Fi internet is available during your stay.

Meals at the lodge are hearty and delicious. Breakfast is ordered from a menu that features everything from omelets to waffles and is complemented by locally-grown coffee – this will really get moving in the mornings. Lunch and dinner feature both Argentine and international dishes and include the traditional "asado" (barbeque). These meals are accompanied Argentine wines especially chosen to compliment the dishes presented and are  from the Mendoza wine region.


Ducks over decoys are hunted in the morning in nearby ponds, lakes and slews. Waders are suggested, though hunters will be shooting from dry "bucket" blinds, pit blinds or platform-pallets. (Los Crestones has breathable chest waders and boots on-site for your convenience.)  Accordingly, each pair of shooters will be accompanied by a guide and a well- trained retriever. After the morning shoots, hunters typically return to the estancia for an Argentine-style lunch and needed siesta. Afternoons at Los Crestones can include walking Perdiz hunting with German shorthairs, English pointers, Vizsla and Brittany spaniels. Some afternoons, guests might choose additional duck hunting or, pigeons over decoys or doves.

Getting There

After an overnight flight to Buenos Aires you will drive about 11/2 hours from Ezeiza Intl. airport over good roads and through beautiful rural country to Los Crestones.


Any additional activities might be arranged before or after your time at Los Crestones in beautiful Buenos Aires.(Shopping, Dining, touring)

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