Los Roques & El Chico, Venezuela

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An anglers paradise for Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit and Snook among others, Venezuela is waiting for you. Chapi Sport Fishing is the parent to both Los Roques and El Chico in Venezuela. Los Roques, (Archipelago Los Roques National Park) is known for Bone fishing and many other species. It is in an archipelago of 48 small islands forming a natural barrier protecting miles of hard, clear, clean flats and lagoons which are without a question, some of the finest, most exciting waters ever seen. It is a beautiful place with amazing beaches, fabulous fishing, and expert captains and guides.


Anglers visiting Los Roques will stay at Posada Arrecife. All double occupancy rooms where tasteful decor meets with comfort. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, DirecTV and a phone, and bath. Meals are an enjoyable experience offering superb international cuisine served with European grace, as well as an open bar (domestic rum, beer and a selection of red and white wines for dinner time).

It is notable that Arrecife has its own backup electric generator that supports both air-conditioning and Arrecife's industrial ice maker in the event of an energy failure. At Arrecife you can count on outstanding, top-quality service provided by Maurizio, his wife Barbara, and their warm service oriented staff, willing to meet any need or desire you may have.

At Rio Chico, Anglers will be at Tacarigua Lagoon National Park staying in Tortuga Lodge. The Lodge was recently bought back b Bernd Kroeningy  who was a partner and original owner. Bernd has invested a large sum to bring Tortuga back to being a lodge of  known for its  exceptional service. This along with its very desirable location on the Tacaringua Lagoon make it a great angling destination.  .


Los Roques archipellago are easily fished by wading miles of pristine banks and shallows as numerous schools of bonefish pout from eel grass, creating numerous stalk and cast scenarios, each with its own story. Anglers will have no trouble hooking good numbers of sizzling bonefish that run 4 to 8 pounds. Double digit bonefish are common place on these flats. Occasionally a tarpon or monster barracuda prowls the lagoon. African pompano, mackerel and several varieties of snapper are found near the points and drop offs. Having been designated a National Park, no new buildings can be constructed on the islands. Long-line fishermen are forbidden and other kinds of fishing have been closely regulated. As a result, the numbers of Bone-fish there have increased steadily, while other types of game fish have migrated to these protected waters – you may find tarpon up to 100 pounds. Rio Chicos’ Tortuga Lodge’s good news is its ideal location in the Tacarigua Lagoon (Rio Chico) no more than 5 to 10 minutes by boat to find GREAT FISHING!!!  It is a shallow estuary famous for non-stop tarpon action. With the best guides in the Tacaringua National Park, you can expect a catch of 40 -60  fish per day. While Rio Chico is home to schools of 5-10 pound Tarpon and Snook, occasionally a trophy over 50 pounds may be landed. You will cruise the shoreline through Mangrove lagoons casting streamers or Poppers into prime habitat. You will also enjoy seeing the many species of birds along the Lagoon.


Getting There

Take an international flight to Caracas Venezuela at Caracas´s Int. Airport you’ll be met by an English speaking staff member. Who will transfer you to the 5 star Eurobuilding Express Hotel in Caracas ( your accommodations for the first and last nights). The next morning Fly from Caracas- to Los Roques.


Other than great fishing and some bird-watching or photography, the remote location of this trip does not offer additional activities. You might enjoy some touring, shopping  or restaurant visits while in Caracas.

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