Mission Creek Lodge, Bristol Bay, Alaska

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Mission Creek Lodge is located in the heart of Bristol Bay, along the shores of Lake Aleknagik in southwest Alaska. In a spectacular setting, this lodge offers anglers unsurpassed trophy fishing for both salmon and trout, and service that you will long remember after the trip. Easy access, posh facilities and amazing trophy fishing make Mission Lodge, a classic in Alaska Fly Out Fishing Lodges. The Sauna, Hot tub, scrumptious dining, comfortable lounge and recreation area only add to the attraction of Mission Lodge. The large deck surrounding the lodge is just steps from the dock, float planes and boats. Alaska is a rugged and vast land of exquisite, timeless beauty – a great place to just get away from every day stress and relax. The management at Mission Creek Lodge is committed to providing clients an incomparable experience and the best fishing of their lives. They are known for their exemplary service!


At the end of the day, each guest retires to their own private room. One of the few lodges in Alaska where a private room is standard, you will sleep on a real bed, your windows frame views of Lake Aleknagik and the beautiful mountains beyond the lake. The bathroom is just steps away off the lighted hall.  For couples, there are suites that have a private bath en-suite. The licensed Therapeutic Masseuse Offers: Relaxation Massage or   Dynamic Massage. Either is well deserved and will be appreciated after a day of spectacular non-stop angling experiences. Committed to providing the best service possible while ensuring you are having fun catching lots of fish, the staff at Mission Lodge is at your service. From your first appetizers, upon arrival, to the last bite you put in your mouth before leaving, you will be not only fed well but exceptionally.  The Lodge features Alaskan dishes with some recipes you will want to take home and try yourself.


The fishing venue includes five species of Pacific Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout and Northern Pike. Your guides utilize the various fisheries in their peak season. To do this, they fly you and your group out to various rivers and streams (depending on the species that you are interested in). Each evening you will have the opportunity to let them know what kind of experience you are up for the following day. The guides will get necessary gear put together in the tackle room – ready for the next morning. Each morning you will take a float plane and head out with a guide to one of the many world class rivers or streams; some of these are  world renown fisheries. Depending on the location they will have jet boats to take up and down the river from which to fish or to navigate you various gravel bars for wading. OR you may choose to go to a spike camp where a guide will be waiting for you. If you are unable to fly out due to weather (not often) there are waters in which you will be able to fish for trout and salmon very near the Lodge.

Getting There

From Home you fly into Anchorage, Alaska. Then fly from Anchorage to Dillingham, about an hour ‘s trip. In Dillingham you will be met by Mission Lodge staff that will transport you and your luggage to Lake Aleknagik by private shuttle van. Transfer to a boat at the Lake, and enjoy a scenic, short ride across the lake to the lodge. Due to flight schedules you may need to overnight in Anchorage either on the way to or from Mission Lodge.      


Some guests just spend the day flying the area soaking up the spectacular views and exciting wildlife. The most popular sight-seeing trip is known as the 'Lake-Hop'. Just like the title implies, you will fly from lake to lake, stopping to explore the beaches, fish some of the inlets and possibly, if you are adventurous, explore an ice cave.

If hiking is your choice, you can explore the abandoned mine on Marsh Mountain. Taking the mining road first through flat tundra terrain and then up the pass on a short steep uphill hike from which you can continue to the actual mine, or hike up the mountain to the west. The reward – an abundance of mountain wildflowers, (especially in June and July) and a beautiful view! Take your camera.

Don’t forget the Sauna, massage, and hot tub.

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