Pico Zura Lodge, Cordoba, Argentina

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Pico Zura lodge is is located in the province of Cordoba, in Central Argentina. When you arrive at the swinging gate at the entrance to  Pica Zuro, and proceed up the winding drive, you’ll sense that the lodge has settled in and aged gracefully. It looks comfortable here, geese swim in the pond, and fans swirl on the porches. There’s a feeling of old world elegance that starts outdoors and extends throughout lodge.


Another one of David Denies super sporting Lodges, Pico Zura boasts larger than average rooms with tall ceilings and very comfortable furnishings. Your rooms peaceful, clean, and well-appointed. Outside, the  verandas offer tranquility after a day of spectacular shooting you may be ready for  some quiet, or a place to laugh swap stories with friends while white-jacketed waiters bring drinks and snacks. A photo doesn’t capture the wisper of the fan blades overhead, or the tinkling of ice in glasses. You have to be there to enjoy it. each room of the property It’s a perfect background for dove shooters and their guests to enjoy, unwind, and revel in a perfect shooting holiday.

The smell the fresh, hot, empanadas steaming in a wicker basket, or meats grilling over red hot coals will sharpen your appetite for the gourmet meals served with one of the fine Malbec wines. At Pica Zuro, your dining experience is taken seriously, making every meal wonderful!

One big difference at Pica Zuro is that you have choices; it is both a privilege and an innovation to offer ala carte dining to shooting guests. Pica Zuro may be the only lodge in the shooting world offering such choices. From eggs prepared any one of six ways, or waffles, porridge, or French toast?  


Located in the dove shooting capital of the world,  the 100 square mile radius around the lodge is annually inhabited by over 50, million doves, and these birds reproduce four to five times a year. The lodge maintains more than 50 shooting fields all just a short drive through the region’s rolling farmland.The program generally starts at 8:00 AM with a hearty breakfast and short drive to the fields.There you will be assigned a bird boy, who will provide you with shells and refreshments and direct you to your shooting stand. You will be visited frequently by the head guide who will be available to assist you with any need, even giving you some tips on shooting if you like.

You will take part in an Argentine picnic- an asado- these field lunches are legendary, and are served in the shooting areas each day. They feature a variety of meats from grilled dove breasts, a fillet or our tender beef, several varieties of our famous sausages, short ribs, plus lamb, grilled chicken or other meats. Then add several salads, bread we make in our own kitchen, plus beverages and desert.

Not surprisingly hammocks are brought along to lunch in case you need a little siesta before returning to the high volume shooting which will run from  about 2:30 and continue until almost dark. You then return to the Lodge for cocktails, snacks and later dinner.

Each day the lodge donates hundreds of doves to a local food kitchen that serves the area’s needy children, so don’t worry about the birds going to waste.

Getting There

Pica Zuro Lodge is in Cordoba Argentina, 60 miles North of  Cordoba City International Airport. The driving time from the airport to the lodge is about 1hr and 20 min. There are daily direct flights from many U.S. cities to Santiago, Chile with connecting flights to Cordoba. The Lodge will arrange your transfer from the airport to Pico Zura.


Relax by the pool during the hot summer months. Or, for an additional fee, horseback riding is available, as well as hiking through the surrounding area. Córdoba City, has a strong Jesuit background and tours include churches, museums, universities, antique stores and shopping. A tour may be arranged for you if you like.

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