Pira Lodge,  Argentina

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Pira Lodge is iIsolated in the center of a Natural Reserve in an area twice the size of the Florida Everglades called the Ibera Marshlands of Corrientes Province. It is in  far Northern Argentina. The Iberá Marshland is a huge system of crystal clear creeks, flowing rivers, shallows and lakes. This is where Dorado is King! The superior accommodations, knowledgeable staff and incredible location on the Ibera Marshland all go together to make this the outstanding and truly upscale fishing lodge that it is , and the only luxurious lodge to target the freshwater dorado.


The Lodge itself was built in typically Corrientes style.  Pira lodge has a spectacular panoramic view of the vast wetlands. It can accommodate up to 10 guests in five large rooms, with private bath, two double beds, and air conditioning. There is a separate building, connected by covered verandas to the private rooms, that holds the large and comfortable living room, open bar, and dining room, each has tall doors opening to the wide veranda. The lodge was designed to respect the traditional local architecture while offering all of the comforts and privacy of a contemporary hotel.


For years, one of Latin America´s most exciting game fish was known only in its heartland. In the past few years, the golden DORADO has soared to the top of the devoted anglers’ “What to Catch” list. Known as the “river tiger” for its fighting spirit and jumping characteristics, the Dorado is a sport fisherman’s dream; it is considered to be the single most challenging native freshwater game fish in all of South America. It is a shimmering, golden-yellow-colored, salmon-like fish with extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth. However, it does not die after spawning and never swims in the ocean like its cousin. The Dorado is an exceptionally strong swimmer and typically ranges in size from 5 to 45 pounds.(The world record is 70 pounds). It hammers top-water flies with recklessly and explodes out of the water in a series of unimaginable leaps and relentless, line-stripping runs. Its physical beauty, its violent strike; powerful runs; and its acrobatics are the qualities that make the Dorado the exceptional exciting sportfish that it is.    Pira Lodge enjoys a tropical climate throughout its long eight-month fishing season, which begins in September and runs through April. January through April is ‘prime time’. This vast wetland covers over 3,000,000 acres and offers the only possibility for Dorado fishing in crystal-clear waters. Ideal conditions found here allow anglers to sight-fish for cruising Dorado with top-water floating lines, this technique produces lightning, almost shocking strikes. When high quality and new fishing resources are hard to come by, it is difficult to imagine that a virtually unexplored, untapped area teeming with beautiful, fierce, undiscovered game fish could emerge. But it has, and it’s here!

Getting There

You will fly into Buenos Aires typically overnight there. You may spend a day in Beautiful Buenos Aires touring this wonderful city. Then take  an overnight 1st class sleeper bus from Buenos Aires to Mercedes, arriving at 7am. You will be met by a lodge representative, who will take you to the lodge (aprx 1. Hr. 30 min).    Or take a Charter flight to Mercedes Airport or to the lodge's landing strip- depending on weather.


While not out on the water, a beautiful swimming pool awaits you to cool and sooth the muscles you’ve used all day fighting the explosive dorado. Pira offers the non-angler, hours of horseback riding along the marsh, where they can see an endless variety of birds and wildlife in almost virgin habitat. There are also canoes and kayaks to do some exploring. Don’t forget sunbathing and relaxing by the inviting pool to unwind and enjoy this tropical paradise.

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