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Red Stag Patagonia was launched in 2010, it offers hunters unique and exciting hunting programs, both in Chile and Argentina.  They have been developed to provide truly wild hunts in the splendor of South America. Red Stag Patagonia is brought to you by the team of David Denies and their partner Sebastian F Casado. David Denies has been running some of the finest bird shooting lodges in South America for over 20 years and has deservedly built a reputation for providing world class sporting supported by impeccable service and lodging.


Are in 3 locations in Argentina. They are: Junin De Los Andes, Tupengato, and Buenos Aires Big Game.

Junin De Los Andes hunting lodge is located in a 100,000-acre family owned Estancia in the high desert foothills of the Andes in the province of Neuquen, approximately 40 miles southeast of San Martin de los Andes. It is a 2hr drive from Bariloche and San Martin airports. Hunters will stay in a newly refurbished house, close to the main Estancia. Wood stoves and a cozy living room make this simple but comfortable lodge a perfect place to unwind after a day’s hunting. It is surrounded by green valleys and small creeks with the Andes in the background.

Tupungato is located in Mendoza Argentina and is owned by one of the oldest families in Mendoza. A beautiful old country house, located right in the heart of the preserve, was rebuilt for the 2012 season. Capacity: 8 people (4 hunters & 4 non-hunters) On the lower-elevation grounds, the family operates a productive vineyard. The property is set against the breathtaking Andes with some of the highest peaks in the Andes in sight. Mount Tupungato, visible from every corner of the ranch, is one of the highest volcanoes in the world.

Buenos Aires Big Game

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, 1 hour and  30 min. from the Ezeiza International airport, Los Crestones Lodge was named for the Rosy Billed Pochard—Argentina’s most distinctive and sought‐after duck. Los Crestones will offer discerning guests a combination of the best bird hunting with the best Wild Black Buck and Axis Deer Hunting in South America.

  *Please see Los Crestones on its own page.


Junin Lodge

The Red Stag hunting season occurs during the rut—known in Argentina as the brama. It is the rich pastures that lure the game, in particular the red stag that come here to feed. Aside from the red stag, the area is home to a wide variety of animals such as Guanacos (type of Llama), Choique (ostrich), Wild Boar, Pumas, Foxes and more.   This vast estancia is entirely un-fenced and hunters typically encounter several herds of deer throughout the day. A professional guide, with an intimate knowledge of the terrain will accompany pairs of hunters. The hunters will move to their chosen hunting grounds by a combination of trucks and horses and then progress on foot for the hunt. There are accommodations for up to 6 (in 3 double rooms), with 2 being non-hunters. There is a nice dining room, sitting room, bar, and gun cleaning area, also Satellite telephone and TV are available.                                                                                       You will dine on local Argentine Cuisine accompanied by fine wines, traditional asados (barbeques) and the finishing touch -delicious deserts.

Tupungato Lodge

This exclusive preserve spans 10,000 acres and sits on the upper levels of a huge estate. The estancia has been breeding and managing red stag herds for the last 20 years. By inter breeding local stock with some of the very best bloodlines from Europe and New Zealand, they have today some of the biggest and healthiest herds in the country. Many hunting grounds are walking distance from the lodge and the more distant areas are easily reached on horseback, ATVs or by 4×4. The fertile valleys of the Mendoza Andean foothills provide perfect habitat for deer and they have developed impressive racks, with some specimens naturally reaching the 450 SCI + class. Elsewhere, deer of this size are only found in breeding ranches in New Zealand and Europe.

Getting There

You will take an overnight flight into Buenos Aires. There are direct flights from most large airports in the U.S. From there, depending on the destination chosen you will either fly or take land transportation to the lodge.



Non-Hunting Activities: Trout Fishing, Sightseeing Tours, Horse Riding & Hiking.


Horseback Riding, wine tours, bird watching, and Sight-seeing tours

Ranch in Tupungato

Ranch in Tupungato

Church in Neuquen

Mts near Junin

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