Rincon de Luna Estancia, Argentina

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Rincon de Luna is a huge ranch in the Cacamuchitas Valley southwest of Cordoba International Airport in Cordoba Argentina. The specialty here is the trophy Red Stag. Other species available are: Fallow deer, Mouflon, Axis deer, Blackbuck antelope, wild goat, Blackface sheep, Multi-horn sheep, Water buffalo, Texas Dall Ram and Capybara.

Non-shooters can enjoy the estancia as well as the hunters. Hiking, horseback riding, trout fishing, four-wheel wildlife tours, photography, and visits to quaint villages and shops are a few of the activities available. Rincon de Luna is a family ranch and the owners happily offer their hospitality to families or groups of 4 (or less) to enjoy wildlife, beauty, and comfort of their Argentine paradise.


The Speranzas, owners and operators, set a high standard of hospitality and service. Family members are personally involved in the day to day planning and activities. This ensures the highest form of Argentine hospitality. The spacious 4 bedroom estancia offers bathrooms en suite with all the amenities and comforts you could want or expect, including Jacuzzi tubs. The common area is boasts a large living room with a warm fireplace, a gun room, reading room and game room as well as the grand dining room. An open bar with a wide assortment of beverages and satellite television is available. Completing your experience is the lodge's chef whose specialty creations of wild meat dishes and Argentine asado (BBQ). Additionally, there is a spectacular wine cellar stocked with the finest of regional red and white wines for guests to sample.

Getting There

Córdoba City is the second largest city in Argentina; the largest being Buenos Aires. There are numerous international and domestic flights to and from the nearby Córdoba Pajas Blancas International Airport from the major airports in Argentina. Non-stop service from the U.S. is not available, but connections through Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires are the simplest connection points. The estancia is approximately 88 miles from the Cordoba Airport, and transfers from there to the estancia are included.

A passport that is valid for six months after the last day of your trip is required.

The Hunting:

March 1-July 30 is the prime hunting time; the rut is approximately March 15-May 15, when the mountains and canyons echo from the clashing "roars" of the Red Stag. However, the hunt can become even more complex after the rut when the stag skatter over the estancia's rugged terrain. It will challenge the best hunter and all their accumulated knowledge to track and take one of these giant beauties.Rincon de Luna guides know well each mesa, valley and ancient Indian wall, wandering through the estancia property, and deliver professional one-on-one service to visiting hunters. Three-day stalks for each species are suggested with a minimum hunt of four days for any single species. Four-wheel vehicles, ATVs, or horseback are the means of pursuing game, but based on the terrain being hunted and the guests' preference and their comfort level some stalking on foot may be done. Whichever you choose, the choice of Rincon de Luna will be an outstanding one, and one that will stand with the great adventures in your life.

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