Three Amigos, Belize

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Three Amigos Flyfishing has been exploring remote, unpressured waters that offer amazing Permit fishing as well as, Bonefish and Tarpon (and other seasonal species) along the coasts of Belize and Honduras. They have discovered incredible flats from Belize City in the summer- for large Tarpon- to Placencia and Southern Belize for Permit in "Permit alley." Many of these here-to-fore unknown spots have been discovered by the guides from "The Host". The captain and guides from this well-appointed, state-of-the-art ship are very familiar with these waters and have fished this part of the Caribbean for more than 10 years.


The Host is like a floating lodge. In excess of  50 feet in length, with 20 foot beam,  there's plenty of room to relax on one of the many outside decks. This ship has jungle hardwood floors throughout and is completely air conditioned, so you can dine and a have good night's rest in comfort.                                   As many as 8 guests can be accommodated in the three private berths and three bathrooms. You will enjoy gourmet dining, along with some of the finest libations, and a friendly, English-speaking staff who ensure your trip goes smoothly. The Host’s design allows it to glide through the water like a fish. While you are sleeping, the ship is moving to a fresh area, and you wake ready to discover a whole new set of flats to fish!


Fishing from a ‘live-aboard’ boat has many plusses. Obviously its mobility, and ability to reach more of the most favorable flats (based on prevailing conditions), are just a few. Additionally, you get an early start fishing since you moved to the new location- while you slept! Start your day early casting to tailing bones, permit or tarpon. With exclusive access to flats that most lodges can't reach you’ll find eager recipients awaiting your line. Fish at your own pace. You may  stay on one of the 3 skiffs all day, or fish one last nearby flat after dinner, or cast to that tempting school of permit that are teasing you near the ship. It’s your call and your choice.

Getting There

You will take and International flight into Belize and be transferred locally to the Ship.


A custom planned itinerary to include a fishing lodge or inland hotels,or tours can be arranged for you either before or after the fishing excursion. While out, additional activities are limited to photography, and nature enjoyment.

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