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Toon Ken Lodge is located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (Magellan named the area ‘Land of Fire’; he believed he was seeing the many fires (fuego in Spanish) of the Yaghan Indian tribe- the smoke of which was visible from the sea).  It is far south as one can go in the Americas. This lodge was built with the anglers’ needs and comforts in mind. The need for clean, comfortable, relaxing, laid-back accommodations and great angling experiences accompanied by great meals is what the owners achieved.  The Sea-run German Brown trout is only found in a few places, and Tierra del Fuego is one.  It was imported from Europe about 100 years ago and has grown and thrived in the waters of farthest South America.


Toon Ken, was custom-built in 2003 to offer maximum comfort to anglers during their fishing trip, as well as easy accessibility to the pools and shorelines. The lodge accommodates up to 7 guests in 2 twin rooms and 3 single rooms, all en-suite with private baths. There is a common living room with fire that is always burning. There are vistas of the Rio Grande river, an outdoor hot tub and the recently added sauna for guests to relax after a day outdoors. You’ll also find a well-stocked bar and a tackle shop. The staff, a chef and a sous chef, a maid, a hostess/manager, and three guides cater to your needs. As is the case at all Nervous Waters properties, the cuisine is second to none, featuring gourmet continental and Argentine dishes. Toon Ken’s wonderful cuisine is based on local meats, fresh vegetables and delicious deserts. A traditional Asado (BBQ) will be held once during your stay. Meals are complimented by a selection of fine Argentine wines.


Toon Ken has several areas where double bank fishing is easily accomplished within walking distance of the lodge, or you may drive down stream to fish the miles of left bank fishing which are favored by the prevailing winds in this area. The Tierra del Fuego fishing season opens the second weekend in November and closes in late-April. The German Brown Trout will present a whole new dimension to the avid angler. Toon Ken has the reputation of having some of the closest stretches of the Rio Grande. Floating line fishing is the norm for most of the season. The lodge record is 30lbs. – the norm is 5- 20 lbs. This may be your first opportunity to fish with a ‘Spey rod’ which in itself will be an adventure.

Getting There

After an international overnight flight to Buenos Aires, most times of the year there are daily flights from Buenos Aires to Rio Grande. Flight time, if non-stop, takes 2½ hours. Toon Ken is located about 60 miles (1½ -hour drive) from the city of Rio Grande.


Due to the remote location of Toon Ken, there are not many additional activities other than the Hot tub, Sauna, and wild-life observation and photography.

This trip may be combined with a sister lodge – Villa Maria

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