Tres Lagos Lodge

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Tres Lagos Lodge is situated between Bariloche & San Martín de Los Andes. The lodge is nestled in a remote Andean valley surrounded by exquisite mountain scenery and wild life. The Filo Hua Hum River provides classic trout fishing and is a wader’s fantasy come true; it feeds into 2 lakes in the area with its clear cool water and abundant trout.


Tres Lagos Lodge has 3 double bedroom cabins each bedroom with a private bath. They accommodate 6 easily in comfort and privacy. The recently built cabins are situated just next to the main house. The main lodge holds a living room with seating a overlooking the lake, a well-stocked bar and the dining area. The Hostess was the proprietor of one of San Martín's most popular restaurants for several years. Ginny has brought with her the talent for creating beautiful, tasty meals which are hardy enough to keep the avid angler going. Lunch is often served in a quincho (a thatched hut) offering gorgeous river views. Dinners will be presented in the dining area along with fine Argentine wines and beautiful desserts.


If you are a Trout fisherman, Tres Lagos may be your dream come true.  Fishing is on the Filo Hua Hum River for both brown and rainbow trout. Before the end of January, the river is filled with riffles, pools, pockets, and under-cuts where the trout ‘hang out’ in the early season hoping for the next meal; when the water begins to warm up they migrate to the lakes fed by this river. In Spring (September-December) and Fall (March-June) the abundant food supply lures the trout into the river. This is a perfect destination for novice and experienced anglers to develop or hone their casting and fishing skills. Experienced anglers will find a real challenge in the area called the chalk stream. The angler should expect to fish a variety of attractor dries and traditional nymphs, with streamers as a backup plan.

Getting There

You will take and overnight international flight into Buenos Aires. From there, fly to Bariloche or San Martin, then travel by land to the Lodge.      


Tres Lagos location offers a banquet of nature for the eyes or camera. Horseback riding and hiking excursions are offered to get a more comprehensive view of this amazingly beautiful area. A local naturalist may be available hikes and bird watching.

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