Captain Cook Hotel, Christmas Island

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Captain Cook Hotel on Christmas (Kiritimati) Island is in the Indian Ocean and  is a territory of Australia. The year-round wade flats fishing for bonefish on Christmas Island has brought more anglers to this destination than any other location in the world. The Hotel is on the beach with a clear view of the waves breaking on the reef.


The hotel has 24 air-conditioned rooms that open onto a courtyard. Each room has a small refrigerator and private bathroom, which includes shower heated by solar energy. There are also thatch-roofed cottages situated along the beach. These bungalows are not air-conditioned but benefit from the sea breeze to cool and ‘comfortize’ them. Even though this is located in a tropical zone, the weather is not typically humid. Dining includes hearty portions including some exotic dishes and fresh seafood. Meats and vegetables are flown in from Hawaii, so no intestinal concerns. There are several choices for breakfast and you make a picnic lunch yourself and eat out on the water. The comfortable Frigate Bar in the hotel or the open-air Maneaba on the beach is the  usual gathering place in the evening to swap bonefish yarns or stories of  the one that got away or how the trevally joined you for picnic lunch.  Both bars are well-stocked, there's plenty of ice, and the casual atmosphere couldn't be better. Groups are treated to a weekly outdoor luau, featuring fresh lobster and traditional entertainment with native singing and dancing performed by the local people.


The lodge takes 18 anglers per week.  Anglers typically fish in groups of 4 with 2 guides and a boatman or driver. During the week you will fish the lagoon using an outrigger for 4 days and you’ll gain access to the back portion of the lagoon outside flats by land vehicle for 2 days.Boats are used for transport only, fishing on the flats done by wading. The wade fishing for Bonefish and Giant Trevally is angling excitement and challenge personified. In addition, the offshore fishing from the outriggers is a lot of fun; you may need a 16 wt for yellow fin tuna 100 pounds or more! You need to provide your own fishing tackle and gear The main species include:  Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, and of course Yellowfin Tuna.                                                                                        .

Getting there

Anglers will overnight in Honolulu on a Monday night. The 3hour flight to Christmas Island departs on Tuesdays at noon. Upon arrival, proceed through customs and a representative from the lodge will be waiting outside to transfer you to the Lodge. On the return, the flight departs at 7:30 AM, arriving in Honolulu at 10:30 AM.

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