Munupi Wilderness Lodge Australia

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Munupi Wilderness Lodge is located on Melville Island in the Tiwi Island group  of Australia. There is fishing reminiscent of Barramundi Reef fly-fishing the way it was 100 years ago. It doesn’t get much better!  The fishing environment is pristine and the hospitality shown is first class, the menus are spectacular, the accommodations excellent.  Munupi Lodge is rated among the top 5 in Australia fishing lodges.


Spacious, cool, and relaxing is this retreat. It is set among acres of well maintained lawns, and surrounded by palms and a tropical garden that creates a magnificent ambience for your enjoyment and relaxation. The living area stretches right through the middle of the building, it is surrounded by the bedrooms. The area has recently been renovated and up-dated. The guest rooms include comfortable beds (all have three single beds, or a double and a single bed). There is a dressing table and drawers, towel racks and plenty of hanging space for your clothes. Hair dryers are also fitted in some of the rooms. A television with three channels is available and a collection of DVD's and videos are ready for your enjoyment. The office offers a Phone, Fax, Email and Internet facilities available to guests on a ‘user pays’ basis. The popular spa area is covered with a thatched roof, and can be used throughout the day until late evening. There is also a laundry area with washing & drying facilities.  Urgent supplies can be freighted over on the daily plane from Darwin. Dining will be an interesting experience including fresh fruits and fish from your surroundings. Meals are generally of the Bistro variety, but anything can happen, and Kerri-Ann, the chef, makes sure that all tastes are catered to. Fresh vegetables and produce, both locally grown, and flown in from the mainland, grace your table along with special delicacies to enjoy during your stay.Fresh Barramundi, Salmon, Jack or Snapper (perhaps depending on your own angling skills) are featured regularly on the menu. Perhaps a local Crayfish, fresh Mussels are more to your liking as well the giant Mud Crabs, almost a meal in themselves. Also included are succulent roasts and grilled or barbequed steaks. All dietary requirements are catered for if you make your needs know upon booking. Your breakfasts and lunches are prepared to your taste, and there are plenty of snacks and fruit. There is a well stocked bar in the bar/restaurant area that looks directly east over the Apsley Straight.


There are numerous reasons why Munupi has become the Hot Spot of Australian fishing destinations, due to the huge diversity in fishing and abundant fish stock. Where else can you indulge in an awesome display of Estuary fishing in the mornings and turn your rod to heart stopping Blue water action in the afternoon?  Simply said: the fishing is sensational because you are fishing in very lightly fished areas around the Tiwi Islands, packed with all the sought-after tropical species including Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Blue Salmon, Golden Trevally, Queenfish, Golden Snapper, Mangrove Jacks, Black Jewfish, Grunter, Mackerel and a host of others. It is sensational because of the environment in which you fish. You are surrounded by such pristine beauty spectacularly clear water, coral reefs, and the snow-white beaches that encircle the Tiwi Islands and are devoid of footprints.  

Getting There

You will fly into Darwin and then transfer by charter to Melville Island.


Activities at Munupi Lodge are many and varied. You may want a walk to Fort Dundas, or visit the Arts Centre and maybe purchase a souvenir. Spend some time bush walking the tails around The Lodge. Enjoy a night out Tiwi Style: barra spear fishing, do a croc spotting trip with one of the locals. Just chill out in the spa (No time limit!).  Enjoy a game on the nine hole golf course (less than 100 yards from the Lodge).  Want more excitement? Go on a Hunting or Wildlife trip with one of the local aboriginal hunters, or on a bird watching tour of the bush and the wetlands. Be tempted to collect and enjoy a feed of aboriginal bush tucker. Visit one of the numerous springs -several are crystal clear in a deep rainforest setting.  Great snorkeling diving and picnics.

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