Poronui, North New Zealand

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Poronui, is located in the northern part of New Zealand. Poronui offers high quality hunting, fishing and wilderness experiences and specializes in delivering the best of New Zealand hunting, whether it be for trophies in the games estates or free range hunting on extensive private properties. It is not a coincidence that this lodge’s offerings are oustanding. They are the result of careful, nurturing stewardship by the staff. There is a strong philosophy of conservation and preservation of natural assets. A strong customer service ethic along with it is the people and the camaraderie of guests that will make your experience truly memorable.


Poronui has three accommodation options available, depending on the season or preference, luxury accommodation at the owner's residence - Blake House - for hunting parties, high quality private cabins as befit a top sporting lodge, and luxury camping is available at Safari Camp during Autumn and Spring (the camp is closed over winter). Each has its own personality but all have a comfortable warm environment with well-appointed guest rooms and modern conveniences. The main lodge and seven individual guest cabins at Poronui have evolved from what was once a rustic fishing camp into luxurious world-class accommodations. It has been created with traditional fishing and hunting lodge atmosphere in mind, but combines elements of modern luxury with wonderful style. The Lodge is where anglers and hunters and hikers gather around the breakfast table to talk of challenges ahead and trophies to be won. Or relax with a good book, coffee and freshly baked muffins in front of an open fire. It’s where you’ll share outstanding local game expertly prepared in the Lodge kitchen, and enjoy genuine hospitality of Poronui staff dedicated to service whom you’ll come to view as family and friends. Food is one of the highlights of a stay at Poronui. The resident chef has honed his skills and brings a touch of class to everything from breakfast to gourmet picnic lunches to pre-dinner canapés, dinner and dessert treats. All meals are prepared in the lodge kitchen, which is literally at the heart of the Lodge. The dining room is also where you’ll share sensational wine drawn from our 10,000-bottle cellar.


Developed over time into one of the world’s finest fishing, hunting and wilderness lodges, Poronui has been rated in the top ten fly fishing destinations in the world by Forbes Magazine, and is a world class hunting destination as well, with roaring red stag, the wily sika, sambar, rusa, fallow buck and more. The piercing call of the sika stag is enough to make the hair stand up on the neck of the staunchest hunter. Experiencing the excitement of hunting sika during the rut is special and exhilerating. This lodge’s deer population is known as one of the most challenging to hunt, you will have to earn that trophy. But what a trophy it will be! Whether alive or as a trophy on your wall sika have real attitude and you will remember the hunt for a very long time. Poronui is where sika were first liberated in New Zealand more than 100 years ago. The free range hunting is second to none. Quite simply, more high quality free range trophies are taken on Poronui than any other New Zealand property. The guides at Poronui are special. You'll come to love the Poronui Hunting family. Not only are the guides on a ‘first name basis’ with the best trophies, and not just because you will experience the relaxed and welcoming attitude, but because over the time you spend, and the stories shared, you will feel like part of the family.

Poronui is a luxury fly fishing lodge as well as hunting. It offers guests the opportunity to catch legendary fish in stunning and pristine surroundings.

This property is possibly the best fishing lodge New Zealand has to offer and has been a favored fishing and hunting ground for ancient Maori tribes, as well as the English settlers starting in 1877. Today the trout fishing and hunting on Poronui are recognized as world class and Forbes Magazine has listed Poronui in their top ten fishing destinations worldwide. Fly fishermen from all corners of the globe come to Poronui to test their skills against New Zealand's notoriously large, and wily, brown and rainbow trout. They do it in an isolated and beautiful wilderness. Guests will discover uncrowded streams, with angling opportunities to suit every preference and ability, no matter what the time of year.

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In addition to amazing hunts, incredible angling, and relaxation, you may go to “The Stables” where you will find a modern sports and relaxation center with a gym and health club facilities - including steam and sauna rooms, and massage treatment rooms. Also in this complex is a full-sized English billiard table, and not far from the Stables is the Olympic Standard sporting clays course.

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